marriage is hard. but it's so worth it.

when charlie and i got married, we knew that it would be hard. not just because marriage is work, but because we did everything in the condensed version. within six months we were married and expecting. normal people just don't do this type of thing. lol it certainly wasn't how i planned it, but that's what happened.

the problem is we're still getting to know each other. and while others have the chance to do that without small eyes watching...we don't. and i don't want to mess this up. i don't like fighting in front of the kids. most times i'm amazing at all of this, but then there's times when i'm so upset and resentful i can't stop myself. and then it's a full-blown screaming match and i feel like a jerk.

so we're going to counseling. we've been putting it off for almost two years now. having gone to one marriage retreat while i was pregnant with austin and seeing how much it worked {when we applied the tips and tricks we learned}, we know it's going to be a good thing for us. moreso, i'm just excited for positive changes in myself. we had a session today and it was just so refreshing having someone else there to help get our points across. i just see nothing but good things pouring out from all of this. 

here's to marriage. here's to counseling. and here's to not being too cool to blog about it. right?!

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