is summer nearly done yet?

hi, i'm Elaine and you can find me blogging over at Mrs. Reyes.
i am a wife, mom of two adorable boys ages 2 and 4 months old
a self-confessed caffeine, k-drama, book and music addict.

this is me with my little family!

i'm supposed to talk about something related to summer
as per the blog swap rules.

uhhh, yeah.

you see, summer is NOT my most favorite season of all.
in fact, it is LAST on my list of favorite season!

yes, please blink your eyes a few times
and you can also close your mouth.

you got that right.
summer is my least favorite season.
i am not fond of the heat, the sweat and the sun itself.
i suffer from horrendous migraines if it's too bright out.
so it is rare for me to thoroughly enjoy the sun.

luckily, i live in the most perfect of cities...
vancouver, bc
where we see mostly rain... rain... and well, RAIN!

but enough of that.  after all, this IS a summer posting.
and i have done a few summer-ish things with my loves.

like hitting our favorite Harrison Hot Springs...

or going for a walk around the sea wall at Stanley Park....

or how about going for bubbletea?
we cannot let a hot summer day pass without some yummy goodness.

or taking the kiddies to the vancouver aquarium

or trying something new!
like these delicious macarons...

i cannot wait for the fall season to start ---
the cooler weather makes me want to do so much more
whether it's indoor or outdoor
simple or extravagant.

i do hope to see you over at my blog too!
and thank you to beautiful Kiranda for her patience with me
in getting this post up and running!!!

a happy gorgeous day to all!

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