my daughter is a gangster.

it's been awhile since i talked about the awesome-sauce-ness 
that is my gangster baby.

truth is, she does gangster things
all. the. time
but i just keep forgetting to blog about it.

one thing that's for sure, she adores her brother.
but i think she's starting to get tired of him and his rough ways.
i think she's secretly plotting to get him back when she gets older.


well, anytime he cries she gets a huge grin on her face.
especially when i'm nursing her.

austin cries and i look down at her and she is grinning a kid in a candy store.
its's like she's saying,
"yea sucka. get your cry on. i'm just gonna keep drinking my breastmilks and laughing at you"

{no that wasn't a typo. we call it breastmilks -plural- around here}

my daughter is a gangster.

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  1. I had to read this aloud to my friend. hilarious She sounds like a pretty cool person to hang out with all day


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