my kid is the coolest.

austin has reached the stage where 
he likes to take off his diaper and let his "freak flag fly".

and when he does it, he usually has to go to the potty
so i'm getting good at noticing when he has to go.

well the other night, i was knee-deep in working on the computer
{editing, blogging, networking, what have you}
and i saw him take off his diaper.

being that we're kinda potty training over here, i put him on the potty.
{which is right next to the computer in the dining room}
then i got back to work.

well at some point, he decided to get up.
he was playing around the living/dining room.
in the back of my mind i knew he was still sans diaper,
but i just forgot.

remember, i was working.

so a few minutes go by .....

then i hear it.

the distinct sound of toddler pushing his anal parts.
then the smell.

i look down.

my son pooped on the floor.


my kid is the coolest.


  1. omg, i cannot believe you took a picture! ok, i would have too. : )

  2. lol usually i don't. but his dad was at work so i wanted to send it to him. hahaha and i can't WAIT to tell him about it when he gets older!

  3. That's not cute at all. It's gross actually

  4. didn't know there was any sound when pushing out your butthole but i guess everything is different down there if you're a toddler, hmph, you learn something new everyday...

  5. it was him grunting that i could hear.


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