oh hai...i think i've caught it too.

what, you ask? i think i've caught the "summer blogging fart"- illness that's been going around.

"summer blogging fart" illness? say whaaaa?

basically, not being able to blog. not having anything really interesting to say. having days go by between posts. having far too many pictures to edit. or having too many pictures that you think no one will care about. or even having no picture at all! it's a terrible disease and i think i've been hit with it.

so first. i apologize to y'all who find a dip in posts these days. it's not that i don't have anything to say. i have PLENTY. it's not like there's nothing "blog-worthy" going on. even if it is something "mundane or boring". lol it's just that i don't have TIME. with the hubs working overnights, i'm left with a VERY small window to blog. he works from 6pm-6am, then has PT til 7:30. when he comes home, he crashes out. there are probably four hours TOTAL where i don't have to deal with the kids.

 he sleeps all day, they don't. they also won't go to bed until super late. by that time, i struggle with keeping my eyes open and try to post something that makes sense. and by 3am, i'm crashed out too. only to repeat the horrible cycle all over again. plus i've got a lot of things going on: prepping for returning back to the corn for the semester, my senior recital, trying to start a business, doctor appointments...and all that along with my normal daily activities: cleaning the house, laundry, doing the dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, working out...AND making sure i have time for the kidlets.


is anyone else tired just from reading that? because i am. lol

so fear not- i haven't left you. i miss blogging dearly. and when charlie goes back to working days {sept 1st} i'm going to jump for joy. these days i feel like a single parent because i really am doing it all by myself {oh hai resentment...my good ole' friend}- minus the work outside the home thing. but whatever. this too shall pass, right?

and i'll leave you with this cute photo of my kidlets...being lazy bumps on the boppy pillows. 

lol cute, right?


  1. I know how you feel. Having two kids is rough. My husband works 12 hours and when he gets home he tries to at least give me an hour break but it still feels like I'm a single parent sometimes.

  2. At least yours give you a break. Mine whines the ENTIRE day until he goes back to work. lol we spend a LOT of time on the couch these days!

  3. sorry to hear things are crazy! hopefully you get a break sooner than later mama :)


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