awkward and awesome thursday

it's been awhile since i've participated in one of these...so here goes!

"oh, that's awkward"
-realizing that the stuffy nose you thought was just allergies is actually coming on like a cold. craaaaap.
-tripping on a flat surface. i do this far too much, friends.
-looking in the mirror and realizing that, while trying to go fast, i had clumps of makeup on my face.
-leaving large piles of laundry in the hallway for almost a week. *gulp* guilty....
-starting my late-night quickie workout only to realize, mid jumping jack, that i forgot to put on a bra. OUCH.
-having a crush on your daughter's surgeon

"oh, that's awesome!"
- having a crush on your daughter's surgeon. lol i'm just saying, it's both awkward AND awesome.
- finally figuring out a good steady workflow with editing.
-being able to tackle running, on pavement, without dying of knee problems {for the first time in over 6 years}
-starting to write my novel!!!
-fitness, baby. fitness.

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