run, run, run....

yesterday was a day full of errands. bella had not one, but two doctors appointments. with my favorite doctors, no less. so we all dragged ourselves out of bed and shuffled around to make it to them in time. it was also my personal challenge to shoot ONLY in manual mode the entire day. i'll admit it, i'm very very much into shooting in aperture priority {or AV} mode. it's just so much easier. but i'm wanting to have more control over the shots that i'm getting so i went with it.

austin was having a wicked teething day. i mean, it was horrific. he's always been a decent teether.  but lately! he's been having a runny nose and his hands are permanently in his mouth. and since he was in pain- he wasn't a happy camper AT. ALL. thankfully charlie was there to help a little bit. {divide and conquer!}

this is him having a fit over something while at seattle children's waiting to be seen. the funny thing is, he just has these random tantrums and i'm usually just sitting there looking at him like, "what is WRONG?!" i ask him what's wrong and what mommy can do. i try to make him laugh. i try to snuggle him. sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. lol yesterday, he just wanted to lie down. so i let him.

bella, on the other hand, was such a happy baby yesterday. she was smiling and giggling like mad. i cooed really loudly when taking a picture of her and she giggled her little booty off. i've gotta get that laugh on camera. seriously, i die everytime!

and who is this, you ask?

this is the amazing surgeon who operated on my bella bean. he's pretty awesome, if you ask me. he stepped in last minute when the other surgeon was called away {divine intervention....}. i can't even explain it. the entire time we were dealing with bella's condition, i felt uneasy and unsure of who's care she was under. but when i met him, scrub cap and all during pre-op stuff, i totally relaxed. he just has this reassuring nature. it felt as though bella was his only priority in the world. he's definitely talented at what he does. 

of course, i'm totally gushing because....{truth time}...i have a total crush on him. lol yea, i turn into a giggling, smiling fool when we visit him. hahahaha

how do you not gobble that face up!!?!?!?!

it was a great day. lots of fun. lots of tears {from mister austin}.
lots of blushing {from silly ole' me}. lots of traffic {damn you, seattle}.

i like great, busy days.


  1. It's CRAZY how much Bella looks like your MIL!

  2. i so don't see it. well, KIIIIINDA. in one picture. i think i see her too much. lol


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