austin is nineteen months old.

um, who is this big kid?

because last time i checked, i had a baby like two months ago. {well, i DID have one almost five months ago, but that's another story for tomorrow...}. pretty sure, i blinked and he aged like lightning. this "not-so-little" boy is my mister austin anthony mays.

he runs, kinda-sorta jumps, spits, hits, whines, throws things, and giggles all day long. he's constantly on the move! we just had to get a double stroller so we could strap him in and keep him in one place!!
he's so much more fun though. not gonna lie. i love rolling around with him and playing. we have this new thing too- when i want him to run, i just start saying "go go go go go go go!" and he says it too and starts running. i just die.

he still doesn't talk. but he's getting so much more clearer in his communication. he does say a few words: 
usually when we need him to do something when he'd rather play
same as above
it means daddy, but it can mean anyone

every now and then he'll repeat what you say if you ask him too. that's awesome.

i'm kind of unsure as to what i should be doing to get him to talk. i'm not too keen on speech therapy, but i feel like that might have to happen at some point if he doesn't start talking by the end of this year. 
am i the worst mother ever or what? ugh. 

when you hold up a camera, this is the face he makes. he likes to pose and smile for the camera. it's super cute. but you better click quickly because otherwise he'll reach for the camera! lol my phone is really slow with loading the camera so i have to wait until it's up before i snap the picture. lol

he's so into everything! we have a little nook area where we put our shoes in our entryway and he's constantly going over and throwing the shoes at the door so they're piled up and you can't get out. me thinks he's trying to save us from intruders...either that or he just LOVES to make our lives harder. haha. oh yeah- and we have to be careful! if we're not watching him, there's a good chance we'll find him sitting at the computer banking on the keyboard or trying to throw the mouse! 

i don't have a designated "work area" in the house, so i moved the iMac to the dining room so i could still be around the family while i'm working. and since he's a monkey and can climb up on ANYTHING....he likes to climb the chairs and act like mommy. and whenever i catch him, he's got a huge grin on his face.

look at those long legs!!!

he's gotten into this weird eating phase. before he ate everything and anything. you couldn't eat without him digging into your plate. now- he 's still in your plate, but he just wants to play. he throws his food around and rarely eats anything. he DOES eat a lot of potatoes in different forms. ie: french fries, roasted, mashed. and he'll eat fiber one bars and goldfish. but other than that and anything we can put in his sippy cup, that's about it. it's not that he doesn't LIKE them, he'd just rather play with his food than eat it. 

i'm kind of at a loss. i feel bad that he's not eating more balanced foods, but i'm not sure how to get them in him. any suggestions? he's about 30lbs so i'm not worried about him losing weight or anything..it's just making sure he's healthy. 

and teething?! YEESH- he wakes up at least once a night screaming because of pain from getting more teeth. at my latest check, he has 4 new teeth coming in. two of those are molars. my poor chub. he can't get a break!

and what update isn't complete without a picture of him screaming and crying?

this was because we wouldn't let him have the keys because we had to leave the store.

i shake my head.

chub- you rock my face. and i love you booger-butt.

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