i can pray.


i belong to the most amazing church. Lake City Community Church here in Lakewood, WA. it's pretty much the most amazing place ever. never in my LIFE have i felt like i completely and totally belong from the very first day i walked in. that's exactly how it's been too. from the very first day charlie and i walked in, all 3wks and 3days pregnant with austin....they've welcomed us with open and loving arms. they care and they're genuine. and i don't ever want to leave them!

tonight was another rehearsal with the worship choir. it's something i look forward to every week. it's like sundays just aren't enough. i can get a little more nudge from the Holy Spirit mid-week and i need that. sometimes, i'll admit i can get carried away and focus on the music aspect. as a vocalist, i'm always aware of the sounds that come out of my mouth, but i tend to forget about the meaning behind the words...especially in a rehearsal environment.

but pastor mark always brings us back to reality and the reason we are there. we were created to worship God. i was given this specific talent to bring Him glory and praise and i fully intend to use it for that purpose.

tonight we sang a song about prayer. the words say this:

i can pray. though the storm around me rages, i can trust the Rock of Ages when i pray.
and the peace i can't explain when i call upon His name, i know i'm not the same when i pray.

what an amazing and mighty revelation! last week i went to rehearsal feeling heavy and burdened with everything life was throwing at me. i had my birthday/recital, family coming into town, a singing competition, school, kids, husband, house, etc.....and it was all resting on my shoulders. on the outside, i was completely calm and content. but on the inside- i was crying and screaming for help. i was so unsure of everything. that night i asked for prayer for everything....you name it, i needed it. and they prayed over me. words can't even begin to express the sense of peace that washed over me, just knowing that i didn't have to do it alone. that all i had to do was call out to Jesus and trust in Him to carry me through....

to some, these things might've seemed trivial and not worth worrying about. but to my family at LC3, it didn't matter. their sister in Christ was hurting and they sensed that. they prayed. and though things didn't turn out perfectly, i sailed through them effortlessly. 

tonight just reaffirmed for me: God didn't promise a trial-less life. He didn't promise that i wouldn't have any issues or problems or down-days. but He did promise a Saviour. i know that no matter what i'm going through, i can pray. i can call upon the Son and help will be there. right there. the song just made sense to me. i know that no- matter- what....no matter what happens...when i can't do anything else about my situation....i can pray.

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  1. One of my favorite songs is "Prayer Will." What's really helped me make through the struggles of life is keeping a prayer journal. Everynight, I try to write my prayers out in the form of a letter to God. And when I need a little extra encouragement, I find a scripture or phrase and use as it my focus and write it down at the top of letter.

    By doing this I can go back reread my prayers and look over how far God has brought me and my family. Keep praying because it truly works, especially when you have a lot on your plate and it feels you're doing it all alone.


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