bella is five months old!

this is my bellz. she watches tv.

she's gangster.

she turned five months old a few days ago. 
and i'm continually in awe of this little chunk!!

she's preeeeetttty much the most perfect baby, evar. {sorry aus} 
she sits just like in the picture, drools all over herself, smiles at EVERYONE
and only cries when she's hungry or tired. 
perfect, right?!

at her last checkup she was 12lbs and headed quickly towards 13lbs.
say whaaat?! chunk-a-lunk!
she's still just a breastfed babe. we tried to give her some sweet potato the other night 
and it was a fail of epic proportions! she hated it. as i figured she would.
she's starting to teethe...hence the constant faucet mouth and never-ending 
pool of drool underneath those neck rolls.
she loves being tossed in the air and peek-a-boo.
her giggles just melt my heart.
she still loves her brother like WOAH.
even when he's hurting her, she loves every second of it.
she's sleeping really well too!
she sleeps through the night...except for those nighttime feedings.
but thanks to co-sleeping, i can still get some sleep.
she takes like SEVERAL naps a day...it literally takes seconds to put her to sleep.
and i love it.
seriously though, how do i keep on living? 
because she just SLAYS me with everything she does.

like this face.



  1. Happy Five Months to Bella! My little guy is teething too and he's only four months and 1 week. I find myself going through like a million bibs a day to keep up with all his drool. And nothing is off limits from being gummed to death.

  2. Aww, what a sweetheart! I stumbled across your blog while viewing another and your children are beautiful! I've got a 13 month old that is chewing on everything right now so I feel your pain!

  3. Yay i'm so glad she is doing great. I still can't believe she is FIVE months already! YAY for great babies. Liam is the same way with crying haha. LOVE it. I need to come see you all SOON. =]


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