what is going on?!?!??!

i'm starting to wonder if something is wrong with me....

yesterday we did absolutely nothing. none of us showered, i barely ate anything, and we just laid on the couch all day. of course, we watched lots of law&order {thank the LAWD for dvr} and we watched the cowboys barely win over the washington redskins...{go cowboys!} but nothing else.

i didn't go to class because i had a screaming migraine when i woke up. and bella and i pretty much napped on and off all day. it was one of those, "recharge" days. but oddly enough, i don't feel recharged. i had lots of cuddles, but i'm still zapped of all energy. :(

i also realized that i'm not eating anymore. i do a lot of snacking and drinking juice and water and the occasional soda for energy...but i pretty much never eat breakfast and eat snacks for lunch and then we all eat dinner. hmm. can anyone diagnose me please?

today- i made an effort to wake up {although i had no choice since A was up crying for his dad who left for pt at 6am} and we hung out until around 8am then we all went back to sleep until noon. lol i went "thrifting" and "ross-ing" for some props for a newborn shoot i have coming up soon. i got the CUTEST little wooden crib. i hope it works!!

and i'm SUPER excited to see my girls tonight. we're having another CFK get together with lots of FOOOOOOODZ. i can't wait. i'll probably bring my favorite wine- moscato. since i have a cheap palate. lol. i'm excited. i'll take pictures. it'll be fun to get out of the house for a little bit.

other than that- my life is super boring. sorry to bore you with the not-so-exciting details....

AAAAAAAAND because they're cute...here's some shots i took of the kidlets last night.

he never looks at the camera anymore...lol


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  1. there is NOTHING wrong with doing NOTHING. when i actually have days that my calendar is empty... i do NOTHING.

    do nothing. its good for the soul.


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