Edit Me: w.20

I'm always nervous when I try to participate in an editing challenge. I think it's because I'm worried what I like, others will think is crazy. lol But today I'm going for it. This photo comes from Kala over at The Wishful Lamb. Loving this little adorable girl!! I only wish Bella would sit still long enough to let me take some photos of her!! :D
Here's the Original:

I took the original,
 Ran it through Noiseware to smooth out her skin just a little bit 
{leaving the integrity of her newborn skin} 
I used the Pioneer Woman's "Bring Out The Eyes" action, opacity 20% 
Then I ran Pure's "Summer Color" action to warm it up a bit.

Here's my edit:

I hope you like it!! :D

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My Reflection of Something


  1. this edit is fabulous! clean and sharp and those eyes look even more gorgeous . . . such a great job on this, Kiranda.

  2. Cool beans. I dont know much about editing besides croping.

  3. you know MrsWardy- i'm learning as i go. some of the stuff i did before just looks horrendous to me now. and i can only guess how it'll look down the road too!

  4. This sweet and simple edit is so lovely!


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