wordless{ish} wednesday + girls night in

{minus one uber gorgeous susan who is in tennessee, y'all}

...do they say y'all in tennessee?

in any case.

these girls {+susan} are my besties. i've gushed about them several times on the blog.
and i don't think i've gushed nearly enough. but i'll spare you.

here's to more inappropriate nights talking about delicious food, awesome sex, drinks to make you drunk,
poop and bathroom humor, crying over babies/husbands/SOs/and other drama, laughing over the way
we eat, interrupting each other constantly, and saying "can i just say" more times in one night than is socially acceptable.

i love you girls. 

for more CFK awesomeness and pics from last night's girl's night in...scrolly scrolly:


  1. The mushroom dish looks so delicious!

  2. It was soo much fun! And the food was delish! It was her homemade gnocchi with crimini and portabello mushrooms. SOOOOO good. i was trying hard to savor each bite to make it last longer!

  3. oh and fyi: all of those drunk looking photos were staged. lol


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