i'm still alive...i promise. :)

see. we took this yesterday.

where have i been? yeesh...where do i start?

first, let me apologize for my super long absence as of late. it's been over a week and a half since i posted and then before that i was dealing with some family issues. the funny thing is, i've been at my computer essentially the entire time. but i've been working on other thangs...

{just fyi...it's 2:30am. so i think bullets are the way to go right now}

~ if you didn't know, i'm starting a photography business. 
and while it's a TON of fun...it's a LOT of work.
why didn't anyone warn me?
live in the PNW and are interested? hollerrrr.

~i started school last week. ugh.
 it's my last semester and senior-itis is like to the enth degree over here.
thankfully, i only have classes twice a week for 3hrs/day. 

~coinciding with school, i have my recital THIS friday!
which is also my birthday!! more deets HERE.
if you're in the PNW this weekend, you HAVE to come check it out.
FREE music. and ME. and cake...
because it's my birthday.

~my birthday is this weekend.
AWESOME. can't wait for 24.

~i've been competing in a singing competition.
i made the audtitions 
and the first round of semi-finals.
and the second round of semi-finals.
this thursday is the next round!
i'll be singing "Price Tag" by Jessie J.

~i've just had not much to say.
that old adage about if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all?
yea, that's applied. but it's also true for if you literally have NOTHING to say...
i could post pics of my kidlets. 
but i'm working on editing shoots so much i haven't picked up my camera 
unless i'm getting paid 

but have no fear friends. i'm coming back. i'm going to post daily.
i WILL get back on the blogging wagon. TRUST.

i miss youuuuuuuz. 

and here's a little glimpse of life as of late...via the iphone.

good times. :)


  1. Wow you are a busy body... classes, starting a new buisnes, your bday and a recital.... DAMN GIRL!

  2. ADORABLE ADORABLE babies.. want to give that sweet baby girl kisses.
    i have been missing seeing ya on the blogland. i undestand things get cray cray..

    hit me up on my blog


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