it's 4am

i should be in bed. yes, i really should. but i canNOT for the life of me shut my brain off. there is so much going on in my life right now that i'm having a hard time getting it all sorted out, done, and organized. i realized yesterday that school starts in a matter of days. DAYS! didn't i just go on bedrest? meh..in any case...i'm SO not prepared.

i'm also trying to start a business. and so far it's going well. things are lining up, my ducks are getting in a row so i can do this legit-ly. i'm having a great time with it. it's just taking up a LOT of my time.

oh and i have two super cute kids who demand my attention every three seconds these days. i love 'em. and i don't want to put them on the backburner for anything else. we've been doing a lot of snuggling and watching tv. {is it weird that my 4month old watches tv? because she totally does..lol}

there really is no point to this post. i'm just kind of up to my ears in brain matter {not literally...because that would be awkward}. i feel like time is just passing by and i'm trying to keep up. is it really september already?! because that would mean my birthday is in two weeks. HOLY CRAP!

hmm. okay. that's enough word vomit for now. i just yawned, so maybe i AM ready for bed.'

what do you think?

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