operation rising star??

so i've got my makeup done, my glass of wine, and a song picked out. and in about fifteen minutes, the fam and i will load up the tuscon and head over to the community center and get ready for auditions for Operation Rising Star. nervous is an understatement! i feel like my stomach is so full of butterflies that it's gonna fall through my butt. 

earlier today i was practicing and ended up having a coughing spell that made me sound like a crazy smoker singer...not in a sexy, sultry kind of way. but in a "whoa lady, you have emphysema" kind of way. so not cute. but, kiranda- you ask- why are you nervous? don't you DO this for a living? didn't you pay tens of thousands of dollars to study this art? aren't you the infamous kirandashaune'? yea, friends. i'd like to think that it gives me a certain "advantage"...if you will. 

but what if it doesn't?

what if i've wasted a ton of time and money on singing aaaaaaand i get beat by some chump? lol this is SERIOUSLY my biggest fear right now. i mean, i believe i have a decent voice. enough to entertain. but to compete? yeesh. idk friends. 

but- if i DO do well {do do..lol} and i make it to the semi-finals...then i'll definitely need the help of my interwebz friends. i would need lots of support since it'll be televised and broadcast on the web and that support counts for 50% of the total score. but i'm getting ahead of myself. 

sooo...here goes nothing. eeek!

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