ode to christopher meloni.

anyone else a fan of Law & Order: SVU? if so, you recognize the gorgeous piece of man-meat, Det. Elliot Stabler...aka Christopher Meloni....aka mister-make-me-melt-in-a-puddle. lol

okay...charlie makes fun of me ALL. THE. TIME for this, but i totally have a thing for older guys. 
lol and blue eyes make my knees weak. fact. yes, my husband is NEITHER of those things, but
have no fear- he knows he's my everything and i'm not going anywhere. so anyway, back to chris.

we've been SVU nuts over here for a few weeks. we have every episode that comes on tv recorded so we just keep watching them over and over. and it takes everything i have not to run up to the tv and 
lick his face.

hahaha...seriously, i'm jonesin for this man! 

and apparently, my life is about to be over because he's not returning to SVU this season. something about contract negotiations! i wanna cry! just give the man his money network!!! he's too sexy not to be on SVU every week. i need me some detective stabler! 

oh FYI: JUST found out via wikipedia that this man is 50. FIFTY!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES. 
yea...he could still get it....ALL OF IT. hehe


love it.
what i wouldn't give to be in that shower.

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