what mama wore

it was a nice, surprisingly warm day today in the PNW so mama put on something fun. i have this dress that i bought YEARS ago when i had the figure to rock it and almost threw it away. but i'm trying to "shop my closet" a lot more now. i'm definitely in a transition phase {still}. not pregnant, but not where i was before. so i'm keeping some maternity stuff and just trying to make them work. in any case, i turned the dress into a high-waisted skirt {i realize now that you can't see the whole outfit. laaaame sauce}, tucked my shirts into it and felt super summery and pretty.

am i the only one who finds it almost impossible to muster up the energy to look cute these days? unless i'm by myself, like heading to school, i throw on jeans and a t-shirt {probably dirty} and some flip flops and just go out.  today with it being nice, i wanted to look cute for the hubs. and i'll be darned if i didn't get a lot of kisses and leg/knee rubs today. :)

and yes those flippy flops are my moms. apparently when she was here last he took them and hid them in his playhouse. we just found them this past weekend!

oh. and if you didn't know...my birthday was last friday. doesn't 24 suit me well ? ;)

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