austin is 20 months old. and not much has changed since last month, development-wise.
i can't count how many teeth he has because he'll bite me. and when i scream, he bites down harder.
he runs when you say "go go go" and he likes to stomp his feet like he's marching.
just last night he would pop up from around the corner and point at me and say "gah gah" like he was shooting me! {who is this kid?}
and he is a sucker for high-fives and "booms!" {fist bumping}

this kid is always on the go, hence why all my photos are blurry and out of focus...lol.
he's too fast.

he can show you where his nose, belly button, and foot are.
and will clap for himself afterwards.
he likes to sing with mommy when she's got music playing.
and i swear he's a little monkey! he climbs on EVERYTHING.
now that his sister is older, he likes to play with her and now i feel less anxious leaving them alone for  a few seconds to go to the bathroom.

speaking of which, if he knows i'm going potty he runs in with a huge grin on his face 
like he found me!
a sure-fire way to get him to smile is to play "peek-a-boo" or ask "where did austin go".
no matter how big the crocodile tears.
he loves sesame street, super why, and barney.
and he's REALLY good at using the ipad. like scary good. 

i love my booger-butt. and i can't believe he's almost two.

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