being BOLD for Christ.

I don't deserve this love, this devotion. I don't deserve one bit of it. Nothing I have ever done is worthy of that kind of love. But He has NEVER let me go. Even when I denied His pleas and His wants and wishes for my life, He has never let me go. He carried me through every single rough moment I've experienced. When I couldn't do it on my own, He wrapped His loving arms around me and shielded me. Even when I didn't call for His help, He was there.

My God is so amazing.

I don't know most of you readers personally at all. But you come here and allow me to share things with you and let you into my life. How could I not share the most treasured thing of all? If you're reading this post, I want you to know that He hasn't let go of you. He wants your love, He wants all of you. Right now- think of the one thing/persona/place that you love with every fiber of your being. Multiply that times a million. Multiply THAT number times a million and add infinity on to that. THAT, friends is how much God loves you. If you don't know, I hope that can begin to help you understand it.

...God didn't promise a trial-less life. He didn't promise that I wouldn't have any issues or problems or down-days. But He did promise a Savior. I know that no matter what I'm going through, I can pray. I can call upon the Son and help will be there, right there. The song just made sense to me. I know that no-matter-what...no matter what happens, when I can't do anything else about my situation...I can pray.


i wrote both of these passages at some time or another on the blog. i'm doing my final presentation in my classes today and one of them is talking about a major turning point in my life. the one i'm focusing on is the last two years, growing closer to and having a deeper understanding and relationship with God. i'm incredibly nervous about doing so because i'm in a class full of non-believers who have said at one point or another that they don't believe in God. i feel led to share my experience and be BOLD for Christ so despite feeling incredibly anxious...i'm rolling with it.



  1. THIS. Lovely post m'dear :)

  2. Have you heard of Mars Hill church? I've been going to the ballard campus. I think you'd love it. =)

  3. Way to go. God calls us to witness to non-believers sometimes. Maybe, what you had to say touched somebody and helped to restore their lost faith.


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