hello from sunny california...

i apologize {yet again} for the absence of mommyhood on the blogosphere. no, i haven't died. i just can't seem to gather my thoughts long enough to sit and post. i do update on instagram and on facebook a lot more often, so you should follow me there. if you weren't aware, we're moving across the country right now. we've been on the road for about five days, taking our time and exploring this awesome country of ours. seriously, y'all. the US is amazing.

we started by driving to portland. not very far from fort lewis, but just the right amount of time when traveling with two littles. we spent the night in portland and explored the next day. then we took off for sacramento. i saw one of my best friends, sean, and spent a wild night with him. we explored san francisco and are currently in fresno hanging with charlie's brother and his family. i just love california though.

on our way to sacramento, we finally broke through to crescent city and saw some redwoods. then we rounded a corner and came smack face to face with the coast. OMG. it was so beautiful. we pulled over, woke the kids and ran down to the water. 

austin was so in love with it. he ran right to the waters edge. shortly after this pic was taken, the waves came in and the water, though it was low, was still strong. he wasn't ready for it and he fell over in the sand. you should've seen this momma take off running for her chub. lol he was scared at first, but as soon as i picked him up, he was totally fine.

screw texas. i wanna live here forever.

today...we're heading to san diego for a week!

more updates to come!

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