awkward and awesome

>> being asked if my boobs were real. then having to somehow prove they weren't by finding pictures of my cleavage. yes, this happened.
>> being asked SEVERAL times in the last 48 hours what ethnicity i am. also, "what am i mixed with?" is this hard to figure out? i mean honestly.
>> getting phone calls and texts while you're asleep. i just say the most random things.
>> so apparently, there was a tornado nearby. i heard the "train" sound that typically accompanies one of these, but i thought it was an actual train. mom safety alert = fail.
>> austin throwing a tantrum as soon as we get to the peds office because i asked him to sit in a chair. i'm talking throw his toy and sippy cup, fall down on his butt and lie down on the floor and cry...no tears.

>>thunderstorms with spectacular lightning shows. i miss weather like this.
>> being told at the dr's office that i'm a "cute" mom. a little effort to curl your hair and throw on some facegunk makes all the difference.
>> losing five el bees simply from replacing breakfast with green smoothies and not eating past 9pm. that rawks.
>> the warm weather. it's rawking my face HARD right now.
>> cute boys. 'nuff said.
>> big ole' hair. i went and had it layered and trimmed {and fixed..one of the wefts was coming loose} and now i feel even purdier than ever.


  1. YAY for weight loss, that's great! Oh and I absolutely love your hair! It's gorgeous. I'm glad TX is treating you right,but I still miss thee!! It's finally sunny out lately... stupid snow storm haha.

  2. You're such a cutie! To tell the truth I've been curious about your ethnicity.

  3. Crap I just re-read that. Please don't be offended. You remind me off some of my relatives and we're a rainbow nation-esque group.

  4. :D i don't get offended at all when people ask Alicia. it's totally normal. i know i've stared people down for several minutes trying to figure it out before. lol but no, i am black. my parents are black. there are some caucasian relatives that are like 2 or 3 generations back in my bloodline, but i don't necessarily count it as me being biracial ykwim? and my family is seriously the color of the rainbow too. i'm the lightest in skin-tone and we range in all different colors.

    and heleen- just move down here dangit! everything is sooo much less expensive!! lol

  5. Loving the new do! I still have those awkward moments with Moo at the peds too. Thankfully, the nurses know that stickers and lollipops are her weakness.


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