pursuing THIS.

Jesus proposed on the cross.

i absolutely love this guy. everything that comes out of his mouth is a direct message from God. at least it feels that way to me. he couldn't speak more truth about my life if he tried. i don't think so. he's got some other great videos on his youtube channel...especially the one about dressing for halloween. i honestly felt God speaking directly to my soul on that one. {not bc of halloween dress, but the reasons i may have dressed "scandy" in the past.}.

i'm pursuing this. this is the type of man i want. someone who believes, trusts, and relies SOLELY on Jesus. and i'm accepting nothing less than this. no matter what.

{most ironic thing ever: he is very close to where i used to live. i follow his pastor on twitter after he started following me. and i almost, AAAALMOST went to his church.....craaaay}


  1. I saw another of his videos and like it too...what church does he go to?

  2. i don't remember off the top of my head but his pastor is mark driscoll.


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