i feel pretty.

so with my new BIG hairs, i've been feeling more "girl-like" and less "mom".
maybe it's the new city. maybe it's just 2012. but i'm feeling more amped to get up, get dressed, put on makeup and feel pretty. i practically salivate all week in anticipation of having a reason to get out of the house. we sold our car before we left washington so we're a one car family now and during the week, charlie is gone from as early as 4am to sometimes 6pm. my mother-in-law is gone just as long. so it's just me and the kiddos here at the house all day. needless to say, i'm not getting dressed during the day. oh sure, i take a shower and brush my hair, but that's usually it.

so with this weekend rolling around, i was super excited to go out. lol yesterday was MLK day {happy birthday!} and charlie was off from school, but they were having a tutoring session so he went to that. {<---grrr...pretty sure i'll never see the kid anymore thanks to this dang school thing.} when he came back, we all got dressed and went to old navy just so i could buy some clothes...any excuse to get dressed, right? i only bought two tops; charlie and the kids got stuff too...can't be too selfish. and we ate at an awesome greek restaurant called Papouli's. REALLY good lemoni chicken and pita bread. NOM.

psst- idk if you can tell, but i've dropped 5lbs. that and a good bra?
maketh me a happy girl.

so yes, back to the point. i find that when i actually get dressed and put some effort into my appearance, i feel soooooo much better. i also find that i take a LOT more selfies on my iphone. anyone who follows me on instagram {@kerANDuh} probably wants to shoot themselves in the face on those days. lol 

so i'm thinking i'm going to start making an effort to 1) get dressed and put on my face and 2)take more pictures of myself. can't have too many, right?


  1. Yes, we can totally tell that you've loss a few lbs. And it looks fabulous. The curves are really showing through more. Love the new hair too!

  2. You look really good! And may I ask where you got fitted for your bra? I need to do that, but I'm nervous. Thanks Kiranda : )


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