i went green. and you should too.

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do you like delicious food and drinks? do you wish you could have healthy stuff that tastes good?
be prepared for your mind to be blown.

for the final in one of my classes last month, we had to present something about us..a sort of "uncovering" and talk about it. one girl, caroline, talked about how she is a total green smoothie addict. i thought it was cool, but didn't get the concept and the green stuff just looked kinda weird. i even stayed away from the green NAKED juices and odwallas because they were green. lol she shared about all of the benefits she's experienced and the ones she's heard of with other people who drank them....and not gonna lie...i was intrigued. 

she explained the process/recipe. there's essentially NO real recipe, just some guidelines. some sort of greens, any amount and variety of fruit and water. that's it. nothing else. pssh- i was a skeptic then. how could greens, fruit, and water taste good? then she handed out samples.

ZOMG Y'ALL. it was amazing.

ever since trying her sample, i was determined to start drinking green smoothies and sharing the goodness of it all. it was actually pretty easy too. we buy a TON of fresh veggies and fruit every time we go to the grocery store. so i just started throwing stuff in the blender and seeing what i could come up with. and friends, it's so delish. i'm URGING you to go and try it. 

why not milk or yogurt, you ask? i can't explain it quite as well as she did that day, but it has something to do with the best way for your body to process the "goodness" of it. there's a ton of information over at www.rawfamily.com 

since i went green, i've started craving them. i drink one every morning {at least i try to..it sucks when i forget to stock up on essentials} and it ends up being a great meal replacement shake. i can't drink the other ones on the market because i'm lactose intolerant. when i have a smoothie i have more energy, i feel better, i'm more *ahem* regular {ya feel me?} and i'm not starving when it comes to lunch time. i feel like it sets me up to have a good day. i could honestly drink these all day as a sort of smoothie fast, but i think i'd miss food. ideally, i'd like to make a big batch and drink them all day but right now i make a blender full and share it with charlie and austin. i really do encourage everyone to at least TRY one. there hasn't been one person who has said they didn't like it after they've tried it. and didn't YGG teach us to at least TRY it? lol so go do it!

oh, and my smoothie pictured above has:
handfuls of
green grapes
2 cups of water


  1. We are green smoothie addicts here, too. I even make my boys drink one every day . We use frozen veggies so it gets really milkshake-y without adding ice. I like using frozen blueberries the best and I use coconut water for added health benefit, yum yum!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I will have to try one.


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