sushi and sherlock.

flats: macys | skinny jeans: torrid | top: christmas gift from sister | jacket: h&m

yesterday was the first time i was able to leave the house without kids since arriving here in texas. and BOY was it fun. charlie and i were both craving sushi so we went to Sushi Zushi. it's this asian/latin fusion place that has AMAZING food. tell me why our bill was $100?! EEK.

then we wanted to extend the night and it'd been FOREVER since we saw a movie so we headed over to the movie theatre and saw the second Sherlock Holmes. GAH- i love robert downey jr.  i highly recommend seeing it. i haven't seen the first, but now i want to!!

all in all, it was a great night. i ate some delicious soosh {that's what i'm calling it now} and drank some smooth but STRONG sake and downed a glass of wine. {and ended up being preeeeeeeetty tipsy all night. lol} and i watched a great movie, even though charlie fell asleep. {<---laaame sauce} going out really made me kinda miss being a twentysomethin. i'm such a homebody now i don't even know how to party. lol. 

here's more pics from the night. 

there was sake in the glass AND in the box. delish.

hope y'all have a great rest of the weekend!!

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  1. Glad you all were able to get out for a date night!


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