self-portrait challenge.

challenged by The Paper Mama...i'm bringing it to the blog.
a self portrait and some info.

obsessing over >>
 i want so much to personalize it more and make it more modern and catchy, but i'm not good at that kind of stuff and i spend hours to staring at other sites trying to figure it out.

working on >>
breathing. and focusing on the now and not the later.
and austin's birthday. yeesh.

thinking about >>
God. and how He's breaking my heart to get my full attention.
i really think He "needs me" right now. if that makes sense.

anticipating >>
moving. future business. how my family dynamic is changing.

listening to >>
lots of christian contemporary music. 
honestly every time i hear a song, it's exactly what i need to be hearing.

eating >>
it's been a cookie dough kind of week. though it's in moderation, i still nom my little face off.

wishing >>
i had foresight.
uncertainty makes me squirm.

Linking up withThe Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge! 


  1. You look beautiful. We miss you up here!

  2. Thank you!!!! I miss y'all! Just today I was like, "*sniff* I miss my bloggy friends in WA!"

  3. I think you've done a good job at personalizing your blog, especially in terms of content. You're really putting yourself out there and allowing us as readers to get to know you.

  4. thanks!! i started this blog with no intent of anyone ever reading it and at some point i became aware of everyone. i just want to go back to journaling and sharing..it's really cathartic.


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