hey you sessy bish.

because pretty much all day- this is what i said to myself. lol i started my morning by not going to bed until after 6am. because i was gabbing away on the phone to a mister who kept me in stitches all night/morning. after barely three hours of sleep, i showered and headed out to my 1-hr massage appointment at massage envy. preeeeetty sure i conked out on the table more than a few times.

{side note: holy anxiety attack, batman. i had to keep calming myself down because the space for my face on the table was very, VERY small so i couldn't really breathe at times. lol...i tried not to twitch.}

then i came home and the four of us {the littles, the baby daddy and myself} went out to red lobster after seeing a commercial {like we're pregnant or something}. we ate some good food then i went and dropped $100 on clothes {tops and dresses} at ROSS...all. for. ME. because today was "mama gets to treat herself" day. unofficially, of course.

after all the gloriousness, i went to walgreens and bought tampons and....RED. LIPSTICK. is this normal? in any case, i did it. and i love it. i'm not sure if the color is too orange or if it's just right. it feels just right in person, but it comes across a bit orangey-pinkish in pictures....so. what do YOU think?

i have to say, i feel sassier than ever. new clothes. new lipstick. about 8lbs lighter. getting rubbed down..... yea. mama feels like a sessy bish.


  1. I love me some red lipstick! I just haven't found the right shade of red for my skin tone yet.

  2. I feel like I need to do a mini makeover. Sounds like you're feeling so much better as a person. I love it!


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