#momof2: a day in the life

today i was asked what my typical day looked like. i used to think that my days were never "typical" and my life was far too interesting to ever have the same day twice..but alas, i've found my days follow a VERY routine pattern. lol no wonder i can pretty much predict how it'll be. 

on average, i get in bed around eleven p.m. and don't actually go to bed until somewhere between two-four a.m..ON AVERAGE. that's because i'm usually on the phone until then. sometimes i actually fall asleep earlier and other times i stay up until six or seven a.m.

austin typically wakes up around nine a.m. and we lay in bed while bella snoozes and nurses off and on. i immediately put the tv on the public access channel so we can watch sesame street and sid the science kid and word world. those are pretty much our favorite things to watch in the morning.

bella starts to wake up and i know we're all hungry around ten a.m. so we get out of bed and head into the kitchen for breakfast. i put B in the high chair and let A run around. i turn on the sprout channel and they're entertained while i cook. our morning food usually consists of eggs, yogurt, blueberries and/or strawberries, a cinnamon raisin bagel and a green smoothie. we nom our faces off.

sometimes it's bathtime afterwards, sometimes it's not. it really depends. austin has some sort of runny nose/cough thing so i've been skipping the bath so his body temperature isn't off to go outside and play. on no bath days like today, i take them into the bedroom and wipe them down, lotion them, change dipes and get them dressed. sometimes it's a full outfit. sometimes it's just a onesie. sometimes it's just a diaper. lol it really depends. 

after they get dressed we play. we'll go outside and play in the grass. i'll let austin have the hose and he'll get super soaked while bella and i lounge on a blanket. sometimes we just stay inside and austin plays with his toys. we watch tv...the tv stays on the sprout channel during the day. with the kids being content, i'll get something done around the house whether it be laundry, cleaning the bedrooms, doing the dishes from breakfast. rarely am i able to sneak away to blog or edit. if they find out i'm back here, they want to be in my lap. and it's so hard to type when wrangling an almost 10 month old and a 2 year old. lol

we'll also have a snack at some point during playtime.

around one p.m. or sometimes even two, i'll turn off the tv and we'll head back into the bedroom. sometimes we'll go into grandma's room or ours and i'll make sure the blinds are shut, the house temperature is warm yet cool, and we'll lay down. austin with his milk and bella with my boob. sometimes they're so tired they conk out within minutes. other times...nahsomuch. even if they don't take a nap, i enforce quiet time. so they don't have to go to sleep, but they have to stay on the bed and lie down. no playing. if they won't actually sleep, they have to rest their bodies. 

if they fall asleep, i'll sneak out and get some computer work done. lately i've been using naptimes as workout times so i'll usually slip out and put in a turbofire dvd and get sweatin!! it's fun. i workout, then shower and then get dressed. sometimes i'll put on sweats, lately i've been getting dressed and trying to put some effort into my appearance. lol. 

they'll wake up sometimes sooner, but they usually nap until at least four p.m. we'll change diapers, get settled for lunch, and play/watch tv waiting for their dad to come home. when he comes home around 4:30 or 5 p.m. i sneak away to get work done. and i usually only have an hour at the most to do stuff. i try to get dinner started by 6 p.m.  so it's ready by the time their grandma gets home from work. 

we eat dinner. i clean up. more play, more tv....

8:30 p.m. rolls around and we start nighttime baths. austin sleeps a million times better if he has a nice hot bath at night. if i get in the bath then so does bella. if not, then she hangs out with me while grandma bathes austin.  

and then it's more cleaning, the occasional break to do computer work, playing with the kids, laundry and other miscellaneous tasks before hopping into bed. 

and all the while, i'm texting, instagram-ing, facebook-ing or talking from my iphone. seriously...i'd die without that thing.

what about you? is your day as "unique and awesome" as mine? lol

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  1. Your day kinda sounds like mine, minus a toddler and such. Nap time always means me time or chore time..NEVER nap for mommy. lol


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