I've lost my mind.

With all of these pregnancy announcements and new cuddly babies roaming around the interwebs, I am feeling the INTENSE, and I do mean intense, urge to have another baby. And the fact that Bella is going to be one in two days ( hold me ) doesn't make it any easier. 

 *le sigh*

 Most of all, I just miss being pregnant. I miss the belly. I miss those kicks. I miss the glow and the ridiculously amazingness of my pregnant hair. I even miss the sleepless nights and the aches and pains. Now you KNOW I'm going nuts. Lol

 Just punch me in the ovaries, ok?

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  1. Some days I miss being preggers and then somebody spills their juice and I'm snapped back into reality. Number 3 is on hold for at least 4 years.


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