the littles.

 if you didn't know by now, the kids are in spokane with my parents at the moment. and they've been really happy. they've been learning a lot of new things and growing and changing into independent little people, and to be quite honest- it scares the living daylights out of me! that being said, i'm so thrilled with all that they're learning and discovering. it's fun on some level, but it also makes me sad.

austin is learning to potty. IN the potty. holy crapola kid! stop stop STOP IT! diapers never really bother me. it's just those poop ones that make me cringe. how on earth does a two year old poop like a grown man?! and the best part is that it never really bothers him. he literally DOES. NOT. CARE. that's why he hasn't really had the urge to go to the potty on his own. BUT he does go when you put him on it so that's a bonus. but GET THIS!- my mom told me of three separate instances where HE...yes, austin.... the stubborn kid who came from my womb....asked to go to the potty. 

mind. BLOWN.

he's also using a lot of different words now. he can identify all of the major parts of his body and can say them back to you. he calls me mom {FINALLY!}. when i'm not paying attention to him and he wants it, he'll say, "mom. Mom. MOM!" and then start talking when i finally look at him. i can't tell you just how much that melts my heart. the first time he did it, i didn't even recognize that he was calling my attention. he just said "mom" and i turned and was like, "yes, honey?"....pssh, like we'd been doing it for years! lol 

and this little nugget of cuteness....i just can't, y'all. i really can't. she is just SUCH a big girl. everyday i see more of me in her and it makes me feel better. i admit. i get jealous when people say the kids look like charlie. i mean, they're his dad and all and he IS attractive. but gersh darnit- i grew, carried, and birthed them. and no, that's not enough. lol i want them to look like me okay! lol.. *insert stomping tantrum here*
but anyway. she's just a little cutie pie. and she's so busy. sooooo busy busy busy. i love watching her on skype. she totally knows me and interacts with me like i'm her favorite person in the world and it makes my heart swell like nothing else can.

i miss the mess out of those two. it's been less than a month since i've seen them and i'm foaming at the mouth waiting for my flight to go back and visit. i skype with them every other day or so. not that i don't want to see them everyday, but 1) they're BUSY. like super super BUSY. and they've got schedules and playdates and whatnot. they're really don't have time to sit and chat with mama except before bedtime. IF we can all get it together by then. and 2) i honestly sink into a mini-depression after hanging up with them. i want to snuggle them. i want to kiss their noses and pinch their cheeks. i want to smell their hair and skin. i want them to jump on me and crawl all over me and play games. i want austin to show me his cars and bella to grab onto my shoulder and stand next to me. and when i realize that i can't have that now.....suck.tastic.

but...once charlie gets back here in washington {more on that later}, they'll be back in my arms for good. beginning of june, i'll have my babies back. i can tough it out, right? RIGHT? ....


  1. Awww!!! It has to be sooooo hard being away from them, but power to you for getting them in a better situation! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I feel like she looks JUST like you! I so feel you too. I want all the looks to come from me. And they can have his height since I'm ubber short. :-)
    You have such an amazing family too! I can't wait til my 2yo poops in the potty. Grrr...

  3. You are such a trooper! I can't even part with mine for over 2 hrs w/o having an anxiety attack. So, I only imagine how you feel. Hang in there until June!


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