holy crapola...that's a lot of updates, batman.

first i'd like to say a big hearty THANK YOU to everyone who hasn't jumped ship in the month long blog sabbatical that i just happened to take. no, it wasn't intentional. life just got in the way. and there's been so much going on in this crazy hectic life of mine, it was hard to organize my thoughts into one {or several} coherent blog posts. what does one do then, when left to update a ton of information and only so much time?


 >> at the end of march, i packed up two suitcases {one for the littles and one for me} and we boarded a plane leaving behind charlie and texas. we had no idea what would happen for the long term, but short term, my parents met me in seattle and picked up the kids. i was in seattle for a vacation, of sorts and would meet up with them later. we moved because my in-laws are on a whole new level of crazy. there's some serious cracksmoke down in texas and i think they fell victim to it. poor guys. long story short, my stint in texas involved more fights over stupid stuff like what time dinner would be made, people "not liking" each other, and false accusations than i would have ever thought possible. i was attacked on an almost daily basis for things that held no water. i was called a bad mom because i wanted time to myself once or twice every few days. i was called lazy because i'd clean the entire house, come back to a mess, and be frustrated about it. i was called selfish because of things like scheduling a massage for myself every two weeks. and these are just a FEW of the things i experienced. i never knew i could be so "unlovable" by a group of people until i actually went to texas and had i known that people felt that way about me, i probably would've never gone in the first place. my heart breaks for my children who will not get to know that side of their family. this info sometimes bothers people, but frankly- it's my job to protect my kids from the crazies of the world. and as long as i'm the one making choices for them, they won't have access to my children. should the kids one day inquire about their dad's family or even express a desire to get to know them, i'll proceed with caution.
side note: i love texas. despite the fact that i felt like a hippie with my tattoos, piercings and skinny jeans/sneakers combo, i loveloveLOVE being in the south. i would eventually like to move back, just not to san antonio. and nowhere ever near those people again. in fact, if i do move back there, they will NEVER know about it.

>> i spent a glorious ten days in seattle with zachary scott. we ate lots of good food. LOTS. we hiked in discovery park. he was a fabulous assistant for a photoshoot i did of my great friend Wendy at alki beach. i did other photoshoots. i slept in. spent money i didn't have. i pretty much lived it up!

 >> and then the injuries and pain started. one night i was sleeping and stretched my arm out, like sleeping people do. i felt a pop and then a burning sensation. i rolled around in bed until it stopped hurting. the next night, i woke up at 5am and the burning sensation had returned but was like a solid 8 on the richter scale. after a little back and forth, i went to the ER. they gave me percocet and did a few xrays and determined i strained my shoulder and pulled a chest muscle. they gave me some percocet and ibuprofen and a shoulder sling and sent me on my way. two days later i went BACK to the ER feeling like i couldn't breathe. the pain had taken over the entire right side of my body and every movement hurt. they determined i should go get an MRI. i went the next day. the MRI {thanks to my hookup, Wendy!} showed tendinosis and fluid in my shoulder. thankfully, that intense pain went away by the end of the week thanks to a steady regiment on percocet and ibuprofen.

>> i went to spokane to see my babies!!!! and all was right with the world.

>>that is, until my stomach on my left side started hurting. i couldn't even stand up straight. that's when i realized i hadn't pooped in almost a week. cue going to the emergency room after the first clinic told me that i had a partial blockage and needed to go immediately! i ended up getting more xrays, a few enemas, and even a CT scan. it showed some inflammation and intense gas in my intestines. the cause? THOSE DANG PERCOCET!!! my doctors never told me that i needed to increase my water intake when i was on them. i was in SO. MUCH. PAIN. i was popping them like candy and just sleeping my life away. i had no appetite and didn't drink enough so my system was ALL out of wack and i couldn't "get things moving". SO. i ended up staying in the hospital for four days, restricted to just a liquid diet. cue a very HANGRY mama. 

>> i finally convinced the docs to let me go the day of Bella's first birthday party! i was released at 10:30 am and the party was at 3pm so my sister and i ran around like crazy chickens and somehow managed to get it all done just shortly after the party started. it was small and intimate, but it was amazing and lots of fun. 

>> i left my babies and came back to seattle and my new job. *sniffle* no more snuggling my babies into the wee hours of the night AND  i have to wake up at 4am every morning. but i love my new job. i'm half-managing a caffe in downtown seattle inside the WAMU tower on 3rd avenue. it's the 1201 Caffe' and it's so much fun getting to work in a little startup place and helping it grow. i see big things for this place and love my customers already. it's really a lot of fun. but i miss those babies like no other.


if you made it this far, my hat is off to you!
now, for a picture montage of my antics!
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i promise to never let a month pass without an update. 
:) i heart you.


  1. Oh I am so sorry that that happened to you. I definitely know about in-law bs. I've gone through passive aggressive ish for 4 years, and as soon as I had kids I put it to rest. They can kiss my ass from now on and finally the hubby sees that they ain't shit. Its been such a sore spot in our marriage, but I finally convinced him that its their fault for trying to tear him against his wife. They are grown, married and know better. They wouldn't like anyone doing that to their marriage. My hubby is a people pleaser and his mom manipulates that side of him so that he has to choose between me and them. Well, he sees that they've lived their life and now he has to live his. They can either get on board and bite their tongue around me or holla back. Now they bite their tongue and just keep stank attitudes. I pray that you and your boo work it out in time.
    WE need to become friends, lol! No but for real, I am FINALLY after 2 years (maybe 6) realizing that their behavior and treatment of me is not his fault, even if he does punk out from checking them. And I held him responsible for everything bc well its his family not mine. I still wrestle with it at times but its getting better bc I'm gonna check the ish out of them from here on out. And girl they gossip about me like a dog to family & my hubby's friends too.
    I have a post about it on my blog (check December 2011 folder).

    Also...please answer! Did you like the box braids that you had? I am thinking of doing box braids, senegalese twists or a sew in. Which one is your favorite? Your hair is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!
    Oh and congrats on your new job! Since you're no longer at home at least you're somehwere you enjoy!

  2. wow, so much has happened. i'm glad you're having fun & living it up. you deserve good people to surround you and your babies : )


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