the current state of things.


what i'm listening to >>  contemporary christian radio on pandora! seriously, this station gets me through the day. i blast it in my headphones on the way to work, i blast it on my ipad while i'm setting up the caffe and it's softly playing throughout the day. i feel that God speaks to me through music. He's always done that. and when i can listen to worship music that is uplifting, it's really hard to stay upset or down about anything. and right now, that's what i need!

what i'm eating >>  just NOM-ed the heck out of a chipotle burrito bowl. i'm addicted to these!

what i'm watching >>  i've been seriously addicted to the real housewives on bravo and american dad on netflix lately. i'm usually watching one of those things when i'm off work. lol

thinking about >> a LOT of things. how excited i am to see my kids next week and the week after. how it's only a month until i have them back in my life. how the dynamic between me and charlie is going to change and how that will affect things. how i'm going to juggle working full time with the kids again. 

i'm also seriously contemplating doing a christian music album. it's been on my heart for awhile, but i keep pushing it to the back of my mind. but God won't relent. lol so i've started compiling a list of songs i want to cover and i've even played with the idea of writing a few originals. i haven't declared it publicly...except just now...and i'm hoping to find some great musicians to work with in the near future.

loving >> christian contemporary on pandora, chipotle burrito bowls, my job, the cute skirt i just bought from ROSS and the shoes i got from there and H&M today, zipcar, the overwhelming, awe-inspiring, complete and all consuming love of Christ.

anticipating >> being with my babies again...

feeling thankful for >> the trials that will become my testimony. i know God is preparing something for me and sometimes i get really upset and depressed about my current situation, but i know it's going to make sense later. just trusting and walking by faith. and i'm so thankful to know the Lord and know that He has it all under control. i'm also really thankful for my job and my boss. she's a christian as well and we have these amazing, thought-provoking conversations at work all the time and i know God placed us together for a reason!

many thanks to holly over at Holly Days blog for the idea. and Danielle from Sometimes Sweet for the original idea...lol love you ladies! :


  1. A gospel album sounds good. If God laid it on your heart, do it!


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