week in iphone photos w.2

soooo i haven't done one of these in almost a year, sooooo i think it's time. lol most of these photos are from Instagram. are we friends on there? we should be.... 
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link up with amy from a good life blog
i did!

last weekend i went to bellingham.
1) i saw a few cover bands that were "meh" at best.
{i'm a music snob}
2. i went thrifting and found this amazing dress for $30
{originally $300}
3. i pierced my nose again! yaaay!
4. and i spent roughly 20 minutes swinging in the sunshine!

back in seattle...

1) a cute boy bought me flowers after i told him i loved farmers market bunches
2) i contemplated a LOT and got some work done at a quiet coffee shop on aurora ave.
3) i took pictures of myself at work
4) and rich's cat, kassia, continued to hate me. but she's so snuggly.

as the week wore on,

1) pandora rocked my face off at 5am.
2) i wore my pumped up kicks.
3) i made a latte with love.
4) and i drank said latte and loved it.

how was your week?

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