a whole mess of new-ness.

oh hai.

so we made it. charlie is back in the PNW. we've been looking at apartments/condos to move into. and my LAWD is it stressful. like everything is either too small, not the right layout, or over priced. we're looking in the seattle area too, which makes everything DOUBLY hard. a lot of the places would work well if we didn't have kids. and since i've paid my dues to society by staying in SEVERAL crappy places during the last 7 years i've lived here, i just refuse to do it again. 

we did find this one AMAZING condo in greenwood. 2bd/2ba, high up, with two balconies (TWO!). it's not too big, not too small. i could totally make it homey. AND- it has a fireplace! it's right on the busline so i can easily get too and from work and our sitter (who is also my very favorite- Zachary Scott) will be close enough to come sit at the house at 5am while the kids snooze away. and it's close to the freeway so charlie can hop on I-5 and get to work easily. we sent in our application yesterday so i'm hoping to hear back soon. i'd love to move in this weekend if not the middle of next week! 

and i'll have to post an update about these two. if you didn't know, it's been a year since bella's kasai surgery! and she's just amazing. austin is still learning and doing new things every day that shock me. they're still over in spokane though. we're waiting until we get a place and get settled in before picking them up. it's just easier on them in the long run.

but omg guys, the way these two were when they saw charlie for the first time in three months! it. was. PRECIOUS. i nearly collapsed from the cute. i'll make sure to do a lengthy update post later. 

woot. hope your friday is off to a good start! mine sure is!!

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