okay...okay...i'm such a lame-oh.

i've been saying over and over how i'm going to do a big update post, but there's SO much going on, i'm not sure where to start! bullet points are nice, but there are so many stories that need to be told.


if you don't already, PLEASE go follow me on instagram.  THAT'S where i "blog" every day. lol you can check out the link on the right or see the scrolling slideshow down the right column. you can see all the nitty gritty witty-ness over there. trust me, you'll laugh!

here's a FEW updates:

i can't even BEGIN to tell you how happy this makes me!
they're so different, yet so much the same.
bella is now the age austin was when we had her so it's 
totally weird not having another little baking.

>> i hate my job. ugh.
wait, scratch that. i LOVE my job. i LOVE my customers.
i just hate that the person making decisions has NO idea what is going on.
*le sigh* 

>> we found an apartment. no, it's not in seattle.
it's in lakewood. as in, PAST tacoma. 
yet again, i'm a commuter.
but it's a cute little place. our neighbors have LOTS of babies 
and it's already feeling like home.
(the movers come today)

we don't have internet at our place. i'm blogging this from work. we're actually going to try going without cable for awhile too. Dave Ramsey has his hold on us once again and i am determined to be COMPLETELY personal debt free by the end of the year. (not counting student loans, because that's $100k i'll probably never be able to get rid of) i'm excited about it. 

so there you have it. mini-updizzles from the land of mommyhood. 
pictures to come later. my computer here at work is being lame!


  1. Glad you and the littles are reunited! Isn't it amazing how much they change in such a short time. Hope work gets better and all goes well with the movers coming.

  2. :( Hang in there Kiranda! Let me know if you need anything and I HAVE to see you and the littles sooooon.


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