what's for dinner?

oh dinner. how i loveth thee. and how i hateth thee at the same timeth. 

i love food. i love cooking. but sometimes i'm just not thinking about dinnertime until it's too late. 
and then we're all hungry and everyone is looking at me. 

here's something my dad used to cook all the time. {he was the dinner chef at home. my mom's "dinner" options were hamburger helper, tuna casserole, or baked cod.}
there's no name for it. it's incredibly simple. 

only five six ingredients.
twenty minutes cooking time.

perfect if you've JUST realized it's 5pm and your significant other/family is about to walk in the door and you have NOTHING ready to go.

1lb beef stew chunks <<
1 head of cabbage <<
1 small - medium size white onion  <<
hand full  crimini mushrooms  <<
2 cloves of garlic <<
red pepper flakes  {optional}   <<
{salt and pepper to taste} <<

 take beef chunks and chop chop chop!!
{you'll want to do this because they'll be HUGE otherwise.  and you want to stretch your $$ right?}
toss chunks in a heated skillet with a little olive oil.
{sizzle, sizzle}

 when your beef is aaaaalmost done cooking, toss in some roughly chopped up onion.
{the more random chops, the more "rustic"}<---i kept telling myself that, so now i believe it.
let those  cook until they're translucent.
chop up your mushrooms. 
{again, think rustic}
toss those in too.

let that cook down more.
season with some salt and pepper.
{i prefer season-all}
and be liberal with your seasonings...most of them will be sticking to the pan and not on the meat itself. 

 tear off a few leaves from your head of cabbage.
get tah choppin!
{*ahem* rustic}

let it all simmer. 
but only for a short while! 
just let the cabbage "green-up",  so it still retains some of that crunch.
it's more tasty. i proooomise.

if you're brave, put a few dashes of crushed red pepper flakes in there.
i did.
and the kids loved it, btw.

now this is where i should be showing you a picture of it all on my plate, ready to be devoured.


i devoured it before i remember. my bad. :/

so go ahead. make this easy, simple, delicious meal for your family. it'll become one of your staples. i promise.whenever i go grocery shopping, i make sure i ALWAYS get a head of cabbage and a pack of stew meat. so i can always make this in a pinch. 

//enjoy. &hearts;

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