hi, my name is kiranda.
i have a lover named zachary scott.
and we're creeps.

i'm sure all of you loverly friends have been over to Holly's place, right?
oh, you haven't?
go ahead. i'll wait.


okay. so holly is my favorite. here's some things you may or may not know about holly.
1) she lived in vegas. like for real. 2) she's preggers. how cayoot. and 3) her man is Jacob {or J, or @the_manski}. if you follow holly on IG, {which you should} you'd know that she just recently moved to California and, *drumroll* got engaged and married all within the last few weeks.

yes, i know. awesome-sauce, right?


well. zachary scott and i are big IG creepers to both holly and jacob.
 how did i find out about the engagement? i got a text from zach to check IG.
and when i realized they'd gotten married too, all i could think was,
"i gotta tell zach! he's gonna be so happy!"


and if that doesn't scream creep-status:
zach and i will have entire text message conversations about holly and j and how much we think they RAWK and how excited we are for their baby and how we take over their IG feeds with random-ness and we love how they can keep up with us and our weirdo-ness. yea....creeeeeep.


last night. zachary and i took a break from writing songs via skype and actually started scouring pinterest for ideas for weddings gifts for these two loverbirds. we came up with a whole host of ideas. then we stayed up until 2am designing one of them. 
{i'm pretty excited about it}

but here's the best part.
we haven't met holly or j in person. 


we're creepy.

and to further our creep status
whilst being super bored this morning, after joking about how zach and i are going to pack up and move to california and buy the house right next door to these two...

i started looking at real estate.
in their zip code.


♥ you two. //

{me and zachary mustache you a question}

DISCLAIMER: we're not real stalkers or anything. we just get really jazzed for cool people who are in love and doing the damn thing. you two are my love role-model. for-sheeze. but i really am considering a move to be your neighbors. what can i say..

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