2-5, baby.

ninety minute massages by cute guys named ryan are a PERF way to start your birthday.

also? red pants make you feel super sassy.

and then getting tatted up makes you feel a bit reckless.

the moment i turned 25 for real.

bleeding love. *snicker*

dinner with the besties!

the morning after. 
this is what 25 looks like, people.
always glam. always fab.

i slept in. got massaged. 
drove to the fair.
decided against the fair.
got a tattoo.
had a netflix- movie experience 
{complete with slurpees and snacks}
had delicious creole food with my besties.
went to the seamonster.
drank wine/cocktails/cranberry juice.
quoted talladega nights.
defended my cowboys.
chatted up two loverly-looking stranger boys.
laughed at a "dancing" lady who was severely coke-d out.
drove home, very sober, at 1am.
and slept.

happy friggin birthday to me, y'all.
25 is shaping up to be a fantastical year!


  1. Happy Birthday! 25 was may favorite year for sure, it will be a great one for you too!

  2. 25?!?!?!?!?!

    Geeeeezzzzus. Im TEN {ten.} years older than you.

    ugh. i instantly feel old


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