{from my bday dinner on sunday}

>> what i'm listening to : admittedly, i just discovered Andy Grammer. i've heard his songs before, but didn't know who it was. aaaaaand i'm obsessed. and jamie cullum and jason mraz are ALWAYS on heavy rotation over here. aaand anything country too. lol  i'm drawing inspiration for my song-writing/recording ventures!

>> what i'm watching: LIE TO ME!!!!!! on netflix! SUCH a great series. i'm obsessed.

>> what i'm thinking about:  the future. it's constantly on my mind. this is the first time i'm not 100% sure about my next step in life and it feels so foreign to me. but i'm rolling with it.

>> what i'm loving: green smoothies, regular exercise, my clean apartment, loud music and impromptu dance parties, shooting weddings, my new tattoo and having orange toe nails.

>>  what i'm anticipating: holding my babies again. gosh i miss them. so so much.

>> what i'm feeling thankful for: for having the incredible network i have around me. friends, family, acquaintances...it feels good to be surrounded by positive people who are moving towards something amazing....whatever it is. and i'm just so glad to know that there's no drama in my inner circle. i'm glad that 18 year old kiranda has learned SOMETHING in the last 7 years. lol

>> what i'm working on: music. photography. blogging. music. photography. blogging. and more music and photography and blogging.

>> what i'm eating lots of : tuna tuna TUUNNNNAAAAA! zomg it's so good. oh and green smoothies..starting as of two days ago.

>> what i'm wishing for: for a little glimpse of what is to come and for peace to wash over me when i'm feeling uncertain.

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