i blinked and they're grown.

my period is fast on the way so i'm feeling really sensitive lately. and last night i was feeling super sad over my babies...missing snuggling them and whatnot. so when i woke up this morning and received this picture from my mommy. pretty sure i got teary-eyed.

who ARE these two? okay...i know i say this a lot, but seriously...WHERE. DID. MY. BABIES. GO? those two are toddlers. certified toddlers, y'all. they're not babies anymore. and i think my ovaries are screaming for another squishy little baby. but yea...no more babies...as of yet.

bella looks like a grown woman. i've started calling her grandma belle because she just looks so much like a grandma sometimes. hahaha.. and austin is such a little grown man. and how can you not love how they hold hands sometimes!? AH! i miss those two so so so so soooooo much.

next weekend. next weekend. it can't come soon enough. my not so little babies.

oh and my heart beats a little faster when i realize that austin is going to be THREE in five months. and bella will be TWO in seven. *sigh* hold me...

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  1. I can't get over how big Bellz looks. Wow, she's growing like a weed!


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