it's fall, y'all.

there's nothing like a full decorated mantle to make the holiday season come alive!

i opted for FALL themed, rather than Halloween. not that there's anything wrong with it, i have a few themed pieces up there. but i want it to last and frankly, i'm more into the autumn thing than the BOO! time to scare kids and ish thing. ykwim?
plus..most everything had spiders on it and mama doesn't do spiders. ya dig?

most of this stuff came from things i had on hand. 
sometimes being a hoarder is a good thing!

i took the faux apples and golden pinecones from my kitchen.
one jar holds some potpourri. the colors are very "fall" and it smells yummy.
both frames i had on hand. 
the halloween globes are from the dollar tree.
one is just empty {the heart} the other has a golden leaf on top of some brown paper bag.
the 'M' i picked up from michaels sometime last year.
the other jar on the right end is holding some colored beads and an apple spice candle.
the two candles in the middle are apple spice and vanilla. they're from dollar tree.
and the green, red and orange pumpkins are from the dollar tree as well.
oh, the vase i grabbed from goodwill a couple months ago 
and i filled it with fake flowers from the dollar tree.
the red ribbon came with a dress my bestie gave me for my birthday
and the F-A-L-L letters were made with brown paper bag and sharpie.

i spent $25 at the dollar tree and like i said, had everything else on hand.
i absolutely love it. 
this is the first time i've ever had a mantle to decorate and i LURRRRRVE it.

how are you decorating for the holidays?
 leave a link in the comments so i can check it out!

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  1. You go GET that holiday freak on, gurrrrrl.

    Also, that "M" looks like it needs some more freak in/on it. Get some orange & black paint & let those babies have at it, then douse it with some purple glitter. :)


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