siblings are the best.

lately austin and bella have been in super sibling mode. long gone are the days where they both play separately, rarely looking up at each other all day. now these two are practically twins. they mimic each other, stand up for each other, discipline each other, hug and kiss in asking for and giving forgiveness, and {my favorite..... grr} flat out stand together and defy anything mommy says. lol

some of the funniest things have happened over the last few days:

>> when mommy asks one if they want a bath and they say no, the other will join in and say no too.

>> when one hurts the other, i'll say "go say sorry to your brother/sister" 
and they both reach for each other and embrace and give kisses.

>> when austin is in trouble and/or melting down, bella will crouch down and 
try to give him kisses so he'll feel better.

>> when bella was getting time-out today, austin sat next to me and mimicked EVERYTHING i said as if HE was the parent.
{ie: Mommy: "bella sit down"
Austin: "sit down belle"
M: "look at mommy bella"
A: "look at OnTin " (<--how he says his name)
M: "we don't hit mommy, okay Bella?"
A: "belle don't hit OnTin."
...and so on and so forth. I nearly collapsed from laughing so hard.

>> when one starts doing something, like putting their heads on the ground and kicking their  legs up or climbing on the couch, or jumping on the bed...it's seconds until the other joins in.

>>i ask Austin to hold his sisters hand or to tell her to do something in order for her to do it.
{ie:  Mommy: "austin, tell your sister to eat her lunch."
Austin: "Belle, eat lunch."
and she does.}

and sometimes they are the worst to each other. sometimes austin yells at her, sometimes she hits him, they chase each other, scream in each others face...it's so sad. and most times i let them work it out unless it's out of control. i believe in siblings working on their relationship in their own way. and they do. for the most part- it's all love with these two.

and here's a glimpse into my littles and the shenanigans that happen around naptime. getting these two to sleep is becoming harder and harder when they band together to do this kind of cute stuff.

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