thirty-two months.

that's how old my first born is. there are days when i can't believe he's this big and then there are those days when i forget that he was ever smaller. i stumbled on a picture of him when he was two days old and i nearly collapsed from the cute, small, squishy little baby. then i looked up and was all, "there's NO way this guy was THAT baby." lol but alas....

he surprises me, literally, every single day. he is the biggest copycat ever. he says exactly what he hears around him. he memorizes songs and sings along to them, whether he hears them or if we're singing them. he has so much energy sometimes it's hard to keep up. but at the same time, he's so focused when he wants to be. i'll sit and watch him line up or stack his toys, usually cars, with gazelle intensity. he is a perfectionist in his own way. he loves to be physical too. climbing, running, jumping, wrestling..he loves it. and he's just so good at it all.

there are times when he doesn't want anything to do with me. honestly, that's most of the time. maybe 80%. but then there's that 20%. those days moments when he wants to be all over me. when i'm his absolute favorite. today i wasn't feeling well and apparently, neither was he. he crawled on my chest, snuggled under the covers and slept on top of me for three hours. those are the best moments in the world. when he wants me to hold him and rock him to sleep, or just sit next to him while he watches tv, or hold his hand and race with him down the street. ah! i could go on and on and on.

he's so sweet and loving. so loud and rambunctious. he's definitely a lover. and he is SUCH a big brother to his little "belle". he is now the easiest kid to deal with. toddlerhood really agrees with him and his temperament and needs. he has his whiny moments, sure. but he's learned when mommy has had enough and when to cut it out.

as far as potty training...he doesn't get it. i'm not in a rush either. i still offer trips to the potty, but he'd rather pee in the shower and in his diaper. he's able to count to 10 despite missing some numbers. i'm slowly starting to work on his ABCs as well. he's incredibly smart and does new things every day.

i heart you so hard austin anthony. and i can't believe you're going to be three in a few months. you're my best friend. MUAH.

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  1. Time definitely flies. Hard to believe how small he was when I first started reading your blog and now he's about to be 3!


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