345 days later.... *cough*

soooo this one time...my son turned 2.

and seeing as how his THIRD birthday is only twenty days away *hold me*....it's only fitting to post these pics about his birthday, right? RIGHT? so it's not a COMPLETE mom fail moment...right? RIGHT? lol

i think the price tag on this party was around $350? i'm trying to keep tabs on how much i spend for their parties so i know if i'm going up in price or not. lol kids are expensive. i spent ALL morning in the kitchen cooking for everyone and actually didn't even sit down to enjoy the party until it was practically over because i had to keep cooking to refill everything. 3 lbs of my famous meatballs don't just cook themselves, ya know?

we rented a bouncy house that austin HATED. and there were only like 5 kids there. everyone else was adults that i didn't even know. bella was whiny and had to be put down for a nap right at the beginning of the party.

and then there was that very unfortunate moment when charlie's mom charged at me like she was going to fight me because i called her a liar. that's what happens when you lie, i suppose. *shrugs* so many bad memories...

in any case. happy times. check out my little two year old chub-nugget and reminisce with me. because i'm pretty sure in twenty days i'm going be losing my ever-loving mind, crying on the floor, because my baby isn't a baby anymore. three...THREE guys!

<3 <3 ...and almost <3

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