coloring with my almost-three year old.

>> watching: i haven't really sat down and watched tv in awhile. i have little spurts every now and then, but nothing that i'm like SUPER glued to. i want to get into Downton Abbey because EVERYONE is in love with it, but i don't want to start and then have to pause because my schedule is so hectic. i DID stay up until 6am this morning watching movies last night. i watched The Switch and No Strings Attached..two really good movies. check 'em out. and give me some recommendations on things to check out!

>> thinking about: relationships. men and women. why we are the way we are and why we constantly feel this need to fight the innate truths about ourselves. excuse me while i get all abstract and stuff...
we, as humans, want to be loved. we want to be cherished and we want to feel important. don't believe me? the whole reason people are loyal to anything {brand, group, status, a store, etc.} is because they make you feel like you matter. even the crummiest of people, the coldest of hearts, the meanest of the mean...they want to feel that way too. so why is it that when someone IS treating you well, that some of us start to ruin it all? why do we feel the need to play games, torture hearts, pull on heartstrings, etc? why can't we just love and be loved? this world would be so much easier if we'd never been hurt. if deep inside us there wasn't this need to hurt other people. people AREN'T inherently good. we are caught in the middle of a war of love and hate. and we're attacked every day with reasons to hate others. why can't we just love? when will the games stop and the love just flow?

>> reading: short of blogs, fb posts, and the occasional magazine article...i'm not reading A THING. and i feel weird about it. i want to delve into some good reading. i'm contemplating looking into more series. i keep seeing movies that came from books and i want to read those books before seeing the movie. any suggestions?

>> celebrating: my son will be three in two weeks. i can't even handle it, but i'm celebrating who this little baby has turned into. he's seriously grown so much in the last few years and i'm so excited to see who he becomes in the future.

>> making me happy: my kids. really...they're kind of the one constant right now. i'm not feeling as dark and depressed as before, but i am consistently battling the enemy on many different fronts and it's tough at times. even when they're being really toddler-esque {translation: horrid}, they constantly do things to make me happy and make me a better person. i love those babies.

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