the sickies.

everyone at my house has "the sickies" in some form or fashion. charlie has the full blown flu, austin is on his way there, and bella has a runny nose. i'm just sitting here trying not to get sick. why?! because mommy's can't get sick. mommy's have to take care of EVERYTHING. and when mommy's get sick, they can't take care of everything. and then the house is trashed, the dishes are piling up, the laundry is not done, the kids haven't eaten, etc. 

so mommy's can't get sick.

but i just feel so bad for my poor little austin. he's burning up and he's just so miserable. he literally is drinking juice {severely watered down, mind you} and napping. he did play for a few hours today, but now he's back to his lethargic, miserable self. i'm just praying bella doesn't get the full brunt of it either. she's pretty chipper right now. i'm giving her medicine like crazy {recommended dosages, of course} and just hoping it jumps her completely. poor littles.

*sigh* flu season is so stupid. we wouldn't be in the mess if the damn hospital hadn't required charlie to get his flu vaccine. but that's a whole 'nother post, y'all. you know how i feel about vaccines....

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