Against My Better Judgement

my boyfriend is in the army. lol
and so far i'm already being tested. he's in fort hood in TX. soon he'll be here at fort lewis. about two months to go. now i know i really have NOTHING to cry about seeing as how he's not deployed [hopefully not ever!!!]. the wait isn't a year and we can sit and talk for hours. but that doesn't make it any easier.
i've joined this site Military Issued Girlfriends. i've never been a military gf before. i don't know what to expect. it's all exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. he's incredibly attentive and genuine..which i absoluely ADORE about him. things are moving fast, but i have to say that i expect that with these relationships. MIG has helped calm my nerves just in the last few hours. i'm ready for whatever comes our way. any advice from the military wives/fiances/girlfriends out there???

let's hope i'm right....

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