Good Morning...

I was reading this joke about being a MG and there was one about not caring if your phone rings at 4am! Seriously couldn't ring more true. Charlie left base last night and went back to his hometown for the weekend as he typically does. For some gawd awful reason, he decided to wake up SUPER early.

He's going to the shooting range today with some of his buds, but he was up at like 6am his time [two hour difference] and decided to call me. I loved hearing his voice, but MAN-i was sleepy.

Apparently, he didn't like some of the pictures of my ex on my myspace page so I told him to log in and make those albums private. I think he was feeling a bit silly this morning because he kept making jokes about deleting the pictures entirely. I found myself really getting upset. I tend to keep EVERY picture of EVERY moment of my life so I can have it to reflect and share with my kids. [My parents don't have very many pictures so there's loopholes in my life regarding what happened and all...it's irritating.] Anyway...I was feeling super sensitive so I just kept quiet. But then he logged into it and saw that I had roughly 50 albums of private pictures [yea..i'm a loser. lol] so he decided to go through all of those. It really wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but anytime it got quiet on his end I'd say hello and he'd be like, "shhh!!" So there goes my feelbads...

After two hours of feeling sensitive, I really just wanted to feel good about him and us, so I took a step back and told him to call in an hour after I got a little sleep. I think he could kinda tell I was feeling bad, but the dogs were running around and his mother started making him breakfast. [he's the baby...what have i gotten myself into?!!?!?!?! lol] He did call back, but our convo was short.

I woke up a few minutes ago to pictures of him smiling and having fun at the gun range. That makes me feel so much better. I feel like a jerk for being so sensitive this morning and really it's over something so minor...Has anyone else felt this way or is it just me?


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