On The Phone With Him Now...

So I'm on the phone with my BF right now. He's talking to someone else on another phone [I think his sister] and he's telling her about me FOR THE FIRST TIME!

It's nerve-wracking! I'm so nervous when it comes to his family. He's super close with his older sister [who is getting married this June...he actually said "YOU CAN BE IN THE WEDDING!"] and I want her to like me, yk?

psst- interuption...he just told her that he loved me...*swoon*

It feels so good for him to talk about me with such pride and love. I've never had my feelings returned 100% so this is completely new for me. I know that two months is nothing compared to the wait that comes with deployment, but I am literally DYING waiting for him to get here.

I'm loving my army man...

whoops- he's coming back to the phone now..buhbye! [and he didn't know I could hear him...even better huh?!]

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